The Main Characters From Fallout & Skyrim Battle in an Epic Crossover

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Two very different worlds collide in this new video imagining what it would be like if the guy from Fallout took on Skyrim's Dovahkiin.

Can a Pip-Boy hold up against the power of a well-placed "Fus Ro Dah?"

Who can eat his rations fast enough to regenerate health?

Watch the video to find out.

This is just the latest matchup from AndrewMFilms, who previously paired up Mario and Minecraft Steve.

Overall the graphics are really well done, and just as a heads up, it gets a little gruesome towards the end.

A Couple of Japanese Guys Try to Avoid Green Mushrooms in Super Mario 64

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This is called the Green Demon Challenge!

The name refers to something that is typically considered a boon in Mario games: the 1-up mushroom. Basically, you find and activate a 1-up mushroom but don't grab it. You try to collect all eight red coins in a level, as well as the star, without letting a 1-up mushroom catch up to you.

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