Microsoft is Removing Xbox One's DRM

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Multiple sources (this one from Giant Bomb) says that Microsoft is reversing many of their decisions. If you go to the news page on the Xbox One Q&A is being updated as of right now. The updated page is unavailable right now but after the news is live straight from the horse's mouth, we will update.

UPDATE - Click here because the news is true. Microsoft is reverting back to the way video games work now. You can lend a disc to a friend and sell and buy used games. Nothing is changing. My one question is can I say that I want to be part of an "online" mode and have all my games be part of the family sharing plan? The one thing I was looking forward to for the Xbox One was having a digital library.

Will You Buy the Xbox One With No DRM Policies?

Game Dev Tycoon Forces Players Who Pirated the Game to Fail Because of Piracy

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Oh, the irony. Above is a screenshot of a player who pirated Game Dev Tycoon wanting help because he can't progress due to piracy in the game. This is one of the most amazing things you will ever see. You can't make this stuff up.

"Can I research a DRM or something..." LOLZ

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