Donald Trump Said "7-11" When Talking About "9/11" and the Internet Response Did Not Disappoint

Donald Trump was speaking in Buffalo, New York when he referenced September 11, 2001, as you do when you are an American politician. Instead of saying "9/11" though, he accidentally said "7-11". If you thought the internet was just going to let that one go, you were wrong.

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back to the future timeline world series Guys, Don't Worry, We're Living in the GOOD Timeline From 'Back to the Future'
Via: Morgijane
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Some people have pointed out that Back to the Future's Biff shares some striking similarities with Donald Trump. 

via  Esquire

Now that the Cubs won the world series some ALARMISTS are worried that Trump/Biff will win the Presidency, cementing himself as leader of our dystopian future. 

via @scottsantens

But not to worry, because as others have pointed out, the Cubs win the world series in the other timeline, the GOOD timeline. 

via @merseytart

Watch out for those thumb bandits, though.