Police Cam of the Day: New Video of Ex-Miami Dolphin Rob Konrad After Swimming 9-Miles to Shore

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Back in January, former Miami Dolphins player Rob Konrad was involved in a fishing accident that forced him to swim 9-miles to safety.

This was probably the first time a swimming dolphin was considered breaking news.

He had fallen overboard, and his ship, which was on autopilot, quickly sailed away from him.

After 16 long hours at sea with sharks and jellyfish, he finally reached shore. A new video has been released this week showing his first encounter with police in Palm Beach after the swim.

You can watch his January press conference about the ordeal below.

Jon Stewart Creates #McConnelling Challenge by Adding Different Soundtracks to a Cringeworthy Mitch McConnell Campaign Ad

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Republican Senator Mitch McConnell recently released a video montage of him doing various daily activities that are boring, but look great in a political ad. The video contained no words and was dubbed over with some generic techno music.

Seeing this, Jon Stewart dubbed over the video and then issued the challenge out to the internet to make more. All you have to do is add your own soundtrack over his creepy political video.

Here are some of the best videos so far:

Did you know Mitch McConnell was originally on Full House but at the last minute walked away to pursue his famed political career?