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Presidential Photobomb

epic photobomb thanks gifs obama - 7007611392
Created by ToolBee

Lehman Brothers Bankrupt

Funny GIF of a live broadcast on CNN about Lehman Bros going bankrupt while two men in the background of the shot appear to make out and even escalate their encounter into nipple biting, probably to be funny on screen.
Created by _C_A_T_

Commentary on The Breaking News

photobomb gifs funny - 7622001920
Created by 04rossca

This The Perfect Storm to Shred To

gifs storms photobomb winter - 8019005184

Bro, You're Hogging The Spotlight

gif - Grass

The News Just Hit Him

photobomb news gifs punching - 8286626048

Photobombing Seal Cubs

critters cubs cute gifs photobomb seals - 5943112448
Created by _C_A_T_ ( Via )


gifs news reporter omg photobomb Pranks for the Memories wut - 4149669120

This May Be The Best Way to Appear Accidentally on Camera

dancing photobomb news gifs - 8028270848
Via Lava Goth

Perfect Framing

photobomb gifs lol - 6846848512

A 10/10 Photobomb

Via Reddit

Best Co-Anchor

cnn gifs kids photobomb - 5117860864


Funny GIF of a live broadcast from a basketball games and one of the players is being a real 'playa' in the background right behind the reporter.

Sometimes, One Just Has to Dance

dance dancing gifs photobomb truth win - 6242695168

Oh, I'm on TV?

photobomb gifs beards funny - 7840479232
Created by Iron-man01

Caught Cleaning on Camera

accident cleaning FAIL gifs news photobomb - 5765022464
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