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Via: The Rock
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Just a heads up, but this Dwayne 'The Rock' inspired Pokémon comes out swinging in a blaze of NSFW-ish banter. Gotta love when The Rock himself comes on at the end of the video as well, to describe his love for YouTube.

And why the heck shouldn't the man, with this kind of parody gold? But all in all, Machop --> Machoke --> Machamp --> PokeRock.
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What do you guys think? The gym leaders were revealed yesterday at San Diego Comic-Con, when hundreds of players also gathered with high hopes that a legendary might be such luck, unfortunately. Some other details covered:

  • There are easter eggs that nobody's discovered yet
  • They’re planning ways to customize Pokestops
  • Pokemon Centers are coming
  • There will be more functionality added to gyms, though the specifics aren’t clear
  • Niantic says the game is at about 10% of what they want it to be
  • They’re still discussing breeding, but nothing concrete in the works yet
  • The legendary birds are tied to teams in some way, as the original designs implied
  • Yep, they know about the three-step glitch.
  • It sounds like we can’t expect legendaries until after the game has been released on all regions, which makes sense
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