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Diablo is set to make its arrival in an upcoming patch for Diablo 3 called Darkening of Tristram that'll "send you back into the depths of the Cathedral," said Frank Pearce, Blizzard's chief development officer. Darking of Tristram is going to offer a dungeon with 16 levels where you'll face off against four main bosses from Diablo

The game's going to come with visual filters to make it look pixelated and grainy — "we call it 'glorious retrovision,'" said Pearce. In addition, the character movement's going to be restrained to eight directions, just like in the original Diablo.

"It will be a proper old-school Diablo experience," said Pearce, and while it will be available to all current characters, Pearce recommends for players to try it with a fresh character.

Darkening of Tristram is going to be available in Diablo 3's Public Test Realm next week. The original Diablo was released Dec. 31, 1996.