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MyMiniFactory's production squad, lead designer Kirby Downey reportedly spent 35 hours designing and preparing DOOM's BFG for printing. On top of that the project was so damn massive that the company had to go ahead and split the model into over 70 pieces for the printing process, which ended up taking over 1,000 hours -- with additional pieces taking almost a month to print. 

Bethesda states that this work of DOOM-inspired art is so heavy it takes at least three people to carry the beast.

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It's hard to grasp that it's been a year since Nintendo President, Satoru Iwata passed away due to a bile duct tumor. Genyo Takeda ('Technology Fellow' at Nintendo) summed up how Iwata's journey was so far from over beautifully, in his eulogy:

“Please know, however, that the seeds you have planted, and the plants that have sprouted will put forth small flowers as they bring smiles to the faces of people around the world, blossom into a grand flower bigger than even you, our leader, Iwata-san,” Takeda shared. “Together with Miyamoto and others of our generation, we swear in our hearts that we will continue our efforts so that, someday, we can report and present to you the blossoming of these flowers. May you continuously watch over and guide us managers, our employees and your family.”

Iwata's passing inspired a wealth of heartwarming fan art dedications like these:








You will be missed, RIP Satoru Iwata.

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