14 Best Mike Pence "Do Not Touch" NASA Photo Memes

Mike Pence is getting roasted following his visit to NASA's Kennedy Space Station on July 6th. During his tour, the Vice President was photographed gently caressing a piece of critical space hardware sporting a sign that clearly reads "Do Not Touch." The image quickly went viral, prompting a whole lot of photoshop edits and memes. Here are our favorites. 

Collection of funny memes featuring Mike Pence in photoshopped situations after his trip to NASA.
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image nasa astrology
Via: DEAsappointment
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It's pretty safe to say this new addition is kind of a troll by NASA on believers in astrology. That doesn't mean this is a FAKE prank. NASA doesn't believe in astrology, they just pointed out a correction

via @NASA

For some people, it's a very confusing development! (Although some are still very secure in knowing their star sign)

via @dsweintraub_, @camerawhitt, @DanielleMNorman@alishasaith@PetitePasserine 

And here's a list of the new signs, if you want to have your world rocked. 

via @FantasyMinds