Cartoon of the Day: Conan O’Brien Enters Archer’s World, Fights Russian Mobsters

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Best late night interview ever?

Conan O’Brien stepped out of his studio on Tuesday after receiving a strange call from Sterling Archer who was supposed to be a guest on his show.

But as soon as he walked through the door, he suddenly found himself cartoonified and in the middle of a high speed chase.

“I don’t shoot people. That’s not what I do,” says Conan in the clip. “I’m sarcastic. I have a dry wit. That’s my thing.”

Watch them kill a bunch of Russian mobsters as they randomly discuss mobile apps like Tinder and Uber.

Conan O'Brien Reviews Assassin's Creed Unity

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Dumb accents...

Also, this game has microtransactions, framerate issues, and just looks awful to play.

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