Prank of the Day: Egyptian TV Show Makes Paris Hilton Think Her Plane is About to Crash

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Whether you're a fan of Paris Hilton or not, this terrifying prank will likely make you feel a little bit sorry for the hotel heiress.

While flying over Dubai, an Egyptian show called “Ramez in Control (Ramez Wakel el-Gaw)” thought it would be a good idea to trick her into thinking that her plane was about to go down in flames.

Several minutes after takeoff, the aircraft starts emitting a strange smell and a warning sound that makes everyone really nervous.

“Is this normal?” Hilton asks in the video.

The pilot then lets the plane drop for a bit with the engines off and performs other various stunts while a few passengers actually grab parachutes and leap out the door.

While it was meant to be a joke, not everyone is laughing. Commenters online are calling it both “disturbing” and “mean.”

Because this is basically everyone’s worst nightmare.

Hilton has also been tweeting out links to various articles written about the prank, clarifying that her reactions are all very real.


Hope You Weren't Hoping to See GRRM at Comic Con

geek news george rr martin skipping comic con to write
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George RR Martin announced that he won't be attending San Diego Comic Con this year (as well as World Fantasy Con) because he's staying home to focus on writing Winds of Winter.  Hear that?  That's the sound of the bevy of "why isn't he writing?!" complaints you were going to hear during con season getting quashed in the background.  GRRM did add however, that if he finishes the novel before the con (ha!) he reserves the right to change his mind and attend afterall.

Celebrities Parody of the Day: Justin Bieber Can’t Play Drums in Calvin Klein Spoof Parody of the Day: Justin Bieber Can’t Play Drums in Calvin Klein Spoof

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In case you missed it, or don’t really care, Justin Bieber is now a Calvin Klein model.

The Biebs and his abs both star in a new ad where he’s playing the drums shirtless while supermodel Lara Stone watches seductively from the sidelines.

And the parodies have already started rolling in.

Here’s an alternate look at the ad, where Bieber doesn’t seem quite as cool.