User Tells the Story of His Grandmother's Quest to Get Her Car Back

Anon tells a classic "green text" story about his grandmother's quest to get her car back after his grandfather passes away.

This is one riveting, oscar worthy tale.

Since these aren't as prevealent anymore, those unfamiliar with "green text" stories will find some explaination here:
Know Your Meme: Green Text Stories

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Epic Troll of The Day: 4Chan Turns ISIS Into Rubber Ducky Soldiers
Via Imgur
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The normally horrible folks over at 4Chan have actually done something pretty awesome.

While ISIS is busy trying to terrorize the whole world, 4Chan users thought it might be time to bring the group down a couple notches and treat them like what they really are—ridiculous idiots.

What better way to mock an organization that sees itself as super tough? Turn them into cute little rubber duckies.