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Mom gets 800 rounds of ammo from Toys r us when she ordered a Minecraft sword.
Via: 13news now
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Maybe the kid was running Flan's Mod?

All a Virginia Beach mother wanted to do was order a foam Minecraft sword for her son's eighth birthday from Toys R Us. Well, apparently, someone in that supply line had a sh*tload of ammunition they wanted to get rid of.

Because when the online shopper opened the UPS delivered package Sept. 30, that's what she found.

Local channel 13 News Now has the story:

Jasemin Stephenson says she ordered a "Minecraft Foam Diamond Sword" from the toy store's website last week.

When the package arrived Tuesday, Stephenson says she found 800 rounds of 9mm ammunition in the box, along with the sword.

13News Now has reached out to Toys "R" US and is still waiting to hear back.

Crazy, right?

Here's the video from 13 News Now.

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