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Parents recently received this letter, it is believed to be a senior prank, to notify that their daughters were undergoing an "inspection."
This is similar to a flyer sent around to Lowell High School students:

As noted in Daily Mail:

Believe it or not, penis inspector Richard L. Dong is not real, and Lowell High School doesn't actually require its seniors to pass a penis inspection before they're allowed to graduate - rather, school officials believe the amusing fliers are just a senior prank orchestrated by members of the school's graduating class.

User Tells the Story of His Grandmother's Quest to Get Her Car Back

Anon tells a classic "green text" story about his grandmother's quest to get her car back after his grandfather passes away.

This is one riveting, oscar worthy tale.

Since these aren't as prevealent anymore, those unfamiliar with "green text" stories will find some explaination here:
Know Your Meme: Green Text Stories

User Tells the Story of His Grandmothers Quest to Get Her Car Back
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