guy suing bethesda over fallout 4 addiction
Via RT
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Dude, really?

A Siberian man apparently lost his job, his friends, and his wife after playing Fallout 4 for three weeks straight, and now he wants $7,000 for "emotional distress" from Bethesda and the game's Russian localization firm. Sigh.

The man claims he had no idea how addictive and all-encompassing Fallout could be, saying, "If I knew that this game could have become so addictive, I would have become a lot more wary of it. I would not have bought it, or I would have left it until I was on holiday or until the New Year holidays." His addiction supposedly also caused him physical duress, as he was not eating or sleeping regularly during his Fallout binge. The case has not yet made it to court, but the man has secured a lawyer willing to take it on.