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League of Legends streamer RaihnbowKidz has announced her retirement "as a boobie streamer." She's got about 200,000 followers who watch her play League on Twitch, many of whom are probably there for teh bewbees, but RaihnbowKidz is tired of her breasts being the main focus of her stream:

I don't have the energy to do it. I got to the point where I could no longer watch myself and I feel like once you get to that point where you can't even watch your own material, or you don't want to think about your own material, you're not in a good place. I find myself...focusing on things I shouldn't be rather than the game.

RaihnbowKidz intends to continue streaming, just with more focus on her skills and less on her assets. To illustrate her point, RaihnbowKidz put out this video showing how she prepares for each stream she does, essentially hiking her boobs up to impossible heights. It's hard out there for a streamer with boobs.