'Zoom Dick' Is Trending On Twitter And The Internet Has Had Enough

Just when you thought this year couldn't get any more unhinged, if you log on to Twitter right now, you'll find that 'Zoom Dick' is one of the top trending topics. And yes, it's pretty much what it sounds like. According to VICE, the New Yorker has suspended CNN reporter Jeffrey Toobin after he whipped it out during a Zoom meeting with his colleagues. Toobin claims the indecent exposure was accidental, believing his camera was off at the time. Yikes. 

Many on Twitter are lamenting the fact that we'll have to add 'Zoom Dick Incident' to the big, fat 2020 history books, while others are embracing the absurd event as a distraction from global pandemic, ceaseless wildfires, and electoral shit-shows. To be honest, we're pretty surprised something like this hasn't already happened at this point. Here's how people on Twitter are reacting to The Great Zoom Dick Incident of 2020.

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