Tumblr Thread: Humans Will Pack Bond With Anything

This fun Tumblr thread escalates quickly after a few folks share their hilarious experiences with befriending some of the hard working, earnest Roombas of the world. It considers what it'd look like if there were a knife-wielding Roomba on board a human starship, and all the kinds of chaos that would inevitably ensue. For some more gold from Tumblr check out this Tumblr thread about how humans are weird, durable space orcs.

A funny Tumblr thread about how humans will pack bond with anything | voidspacer My roomba is scared thunderstorms sitting at my desk just few minutes ago, drawing, and really loud crack thunder went off-no power surges or anything, just thunder-and my roomba fled its dock and started spinning circles currently now have an active roomba sitting quietly on my lap systlin Humans will pack bond with anything. Source: voidspacer
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