Artist Photoshops Disney Characters Into His Photos, Living My Childhood Dream

Photoshop is a magical thing; a tool with which you can visualize all your wildest dreams come true, it's basically like a genie, but a massive tease. Speaking of genies, one guy has used Photoshop to make all of his childhood Disney dreams come true, and my inner child is so jealous. Samuel, a Spanish primary school teacher who likes to experiment with graphic design and photoshop in his spare time, has edited photos of himself to look like he is chilling with all our favorite childhood Disney characters. From watching TV with 101 Dalmatians to waxing Gaston's hairy chest, his creations are realistic, creative, and funny, all while invoking extreme nostalgia. Check out some of his best work below and tell me your inner child isn't also crying with envy!

artist photoshops disney characters into pictures of himself - cover pic in pool with lion king characters and lifting sofa with Baloo from Jungle book
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