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19 Tweets That Prove Kids On Zoom Are Hilarious

It's difficult to count the ways that the pandemic has uprooted our lives. Many of us are jobless. People have lost loved ones. We're all getting cabin fever from being cooped up in our homes. But kids have got it pretty weird. And so do parents. As their studies move to the internet, children are being forced to endure "Zoom classes." And while that seems pretty surreal and scary for many of us, kids happen to be super adaptable. And that adaptability can often translate to humor. These tweets, which come from parents eavesdropping on their children's virtual lessons, are some seriously wholesome proof of that. 

Funny tweets from parents overhearing their kids on zoom calls | Todd Coleman @todd_coleman My daughter had Zoom class yesterday teacher's internet went out, so one kids made default host. He muted everyone, pretended teach class, and then just said "fart" over and over until teacher able join back amazing | Kelly Huh, Ph.D glaciergeek overheard zoom kids chat other day if all students can wear hamster balls at schools, then may be good return.
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