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Super Blunt Twitter Thread Demystifies Pooping & Peeing In Space

When  Hugo-Award winning writer Mary Kowal penned a New York Times essay about gender bias in space, she did not expect a wealth of responses claiming that women we kept from space travel due to a lack of adequate bathroom technology. The concept that only women would face issues relieving themselves was so preposterous that Kowal took to Twitter in hopes of enlightening the masses with some serious space potty history. 

In the thread, Kowal manages to destroy some seriously absurd bathroom-related gender bias and teach us a whole lot about the process of pooping and peeing in zero gravity. It's an informative yet wild and wildly funny ride, and really leaves us with the desire to observe a glove of purple piss floating out of a space toilet. If Kowal schooled you as hard as she did us, give her a follow on Twitter. She's got loads more wisdom to share.

Informative thread from Mary Kowal about pooping and peeing in space, gender bias.
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