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Yanny Or Laurel: The Audio Recording That Is Completely Dividing The Internet

Great news for people who are mourning the demise of the blue/gold dress debacle: the internet has a new and equally inane war to fight. Our latest mind-stumping debate comes courtesy of Cloe Feldman, who tweeted an audio recording asking whether users heard the word "Yanny" or the word "Laurel." Our office, after an hour of screaming and playing the robotic voice on various mediums, is still at a stalemate of 2/2 Yanny vs. Laurel. I, anonymous admin, know that the truth lies only in the word 'Yanny.' 

People on Reddit and beyond have begun theorizing why people would hear such different sounds. The obvious answer would be that people who hear 'Yanny' are genetic. My 'Laurel' leaning colleagues disagree, claiming that it is a right/left brain debate, or that it has to do with how we perceive pitch. Either way, people on Twitter are TOTALLY FREAKING OUT. 

Tell us, readers: What do you hear? 

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