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Imaginative Tumblr Saga Brings Angels & Demons Together Over Sandwiches

We're not usually ones for zany Tumblr writing prompt threads, but this one is an exception. It encapsulates everything we love about quirky Tumblr. The story starts from the point of view of someone simply making a sandwich. After accidentally drawing a magical symbol with condiments, a demon is summoned to your home. And somehow manage to quell his demonic rage by making him a sandwich of his own. He likes it so much he returns with other demons. The rest is a creative, imaginative and kinda wholesome whirlwind. And it's all below.

Tumblr writing prompt about angels, demons and sandwiches | writing-prompt-s While putting favorite condiment on sandwich accidentally make magical occult symbol and summon demon. teawitch silently take two more slices bread out package and make another sandwich put on plate with handful potato chips and hand demon. He takes sandwich, smiles and vanishes puff demonic smoke next day get job promotion were after. There no contract. No words spoken owe nothing. But every now and then, another demon
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