where was gondor when the westfold fell


Tolkien Tuesdays: 50 Dank & Dumb Lord of The Rings Memes

Happy Tuesday, Tolkien-heads. We're back with another big ass batch of Lord of the Rings memes. Some of them are clever and referential. Others are very, very dumb. But we like to think they'll all be entertaining for even the most basic LOTR fan. And if you need more Middle-earth related goodness, you can check out previous installments here and here. We know this shit never gets old. 

Funny Lord of the rings memes, dank memes, shitposting, tolkien tuesdays, hobbits, aragorn, sauron, saruman, elves, gimli, gandalf | time feels normally s 10 o'clock morning, on October 24th if want know time feels quarantine/self isolation: Stars wheeled overhead, and every day as long as life age earth | girl says she's not hungry but ends up eating food Not just thief, but liar as well.
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