where is joe biden


People Are Wondering Where The Heck Joe Biden Is In The Midst Of A Pandemic

Just as the coronavirus pandemic started to get especially severe, presidential candidate Joe Biden was nowhere to be found for a week straight. His absence inspired people to create memes inquiring about his whereabouts, even going so far as to say that he had sadly passed away. Fortunately, Biden made a public appearance on March 16th and 17th addressing the pandemic, but people are still wondering why he hasn't done more when fellow politicians Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump have made numerous efforts to address the American public.

Funny memes and tweets that make fun of Joe Biden seemingly 'disappearing' from the public eye during the coronavirus pandemic | Bernie Sanders writing on a whiteboard 2020 Integrity Joe Biden got Rona UP SPAPS | Joe Biden Rest Peace- 1942-2020 NUON lasers
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