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'Draw 25' Memes Take The Game 'Uno' To The Next Level

Most families we know are pretty competitive, and many of them have those games that almost create Family Game Night: Civil War scenarios. For our family, it was Yahtzee. But for other more card-loving families, that game is Uno. 

The colorful card game has been incorporated into some memes over the years, but nothing as wild as this format that blew up this past week. It all started with a Facebook post from Damien Jones who posted a two panel image: one of a modified Uno card that says "call/text your recent ex or draw 25" and one of a man is holding a ton of cards. After @Fujyro reposted the images on Twitter, users started meme-ing it themselves, mainly to riff on things people really, really do not want to do. It's a decent joke, and a very easy meme - and these are the cream of the crop. 

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