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Tolkien Tuesday #16: 50 Dank & Dumb 'Lord of the Rings' Memes

We took a little break from churning out that dank and dumb Lord of the Rings content, but we're back, baby. And we've got even more memes than usual. Best of all? You don't have to be a Tolkien fanatic to enjoy them. While the gallery features plenty of nerdy references, most of these Lord of the Rings memes will be understood by people who've enjoyed just one or two viewings of the movies. We're not elitists here. We're just here to make you happy with some amusingly nerdy content.

Funny, nerdy dank and dumb memes about lord of the rings, jrr tolkien | One Ring Frodo Samwise Gamgee Aragorn Mr. Bean carried by Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stalone | Isengard destroyed, flooded and occupied by walking trees Merry and Pippin: GANDALFS.MEMES two people sitting on a bench surrounded by water
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