New York Times' Oscars Style Captions Were A Delightful Comedy Surprise

This year's Oscars red carpet was pretty dismal. Many stars sported dresses that looked like they were from Forever 21 - others, like Charlize Theron, went with looks that were just uninspired. Fortunately for those of us following the sartorial desert via The New York Times, there was something else to look forward to. The photos, as usual, were stunning. But this year, the focus was on the captions. 

Thanks to Washington Post reporter Heather Kelly, we were alerted to the clever and shade-filled photo captions in the wee hours after the award ceremony. Better late than never. The rest of Twitter seems to have agreed - praise was unanimous for the "drunk intern's" breezy yet devastating commentary. Even the most obvious quip felt punchy: "Who's going to drive you home, Adam Driver?" There's also an ace joke about the big winner, Bong Joon Ho's Parasite.

Eventually, the attention made its way to the "intern" themselves. New York Times Styles editor Choire Sicha took the credit - with the disclaimer that he doesn't drink on the job. He's even changed his Twitter bio to reflect his viral work. Who knew that being a respected editor for over a decade would take a brief back seat to an assumed internship? Not us. But we can't wait for more of this gold after the next event Sicha covers. 

Funny captions from new york times style editor choire sicha covering the oscars, adam driver, timothee chalamet, janelle monae | Heather Kelly @heatherkelly Shout out drunk intern having blast writing NYT Oscars captions. Who's going drive home, Adam Driver? Favorito! At Governors Ball. Everyone's number one joke today is Oscar voters didn't know Parasite about them.
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