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Parenting Memes & Tweets For The Brave And The Exhausted

Parenting ain't easy. Between the oppressive costs of healthcare and childcare, and the effect that raising kids has on one's sanity, sometimes it feels like a losing game. And then your kid does something magical, cute, or hilarious, and it all seems worth it. These highs and lows are all well-represented in this highly relatable batch of memes for every kind of parent.

funny memes, funny tweets, parenting memes, parenting tweets, twitter, parents on twitter, parenting jokes, children, raising children | tweet by portmanteauface Parents need get better at teaching their kids swear words aren't actually bad they're just only appropriate certain contexts, this 9yo girl at grocery store just held up bag cauliflower rice and said FUCK IS THIS and she deserves fucking Oscar. warning sign Well, there's no circle thingy with slash through so guess 's okay.
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