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Tumblr Thread About Playing D&D Is Full Of Feels

We don't usually expect to get all teary-eyed from a Tumblr writing prompt, but we definitely appreciate surprises. This particular prompt imagines a situation in which Death decides to offer a game in exchange for our protagonist's life. Dungeons and Dragons, a game that can be endless, is quickly chosen. We follow their years-long journey and by the end the sappiness is supreme. 

Tumblr thread about Death and D&D | writing-prompt-s Death offers game life decide on D&D studioprey assume never played asked cloaked figure across shook their head slowly Great said Ill be DM walk through everything. First, character creation Six hours later Death sat leaned over table with mountain dew one hand and D20 other. Their hood thrown back reveal bleached grinning skull were company four infernals depths Abyss don't remember which us invited each them. Turned out had quite few friend
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