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Cringey Tumblr Thread Is Evidence That People Don't Understand Math

Listen, we can't claim to be mathmeticians. And we haven't been able to use the Pythagorean theorem since closing our math textbooks. But we know what odd and even numbers are. Unfortunately, according to this terrifying Tumblr thread, there are many people who can't say the same. Brace yourselves for some mind-boggling stupidity. And pray that schools are getting better. If the children are our future, we might be in trouble.

funny tumblr thread about even odd numbers and math | just-shower-thoughts Every single odd number has an e abrown16 if can split number half evenly s even. 30 and 50 are odd. antiandrogen (15+15=30 25+25=30) Er, guys two is odd and doesn't have an e. Just saying daddyhyperion did deadass just try tell two is odd fucking crying throw whole website away stvckyslvt Reblogging last one! kitsumekat one thing notice is no matter much want throw this site away just can't. awkwardintrovert2004 TWO IS
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