tumblr gold


32 Impressively Entertaining Nuggets Of Tumblr Gold

Tumblr has a way of being hilarious, scary, confusing, and disgusting - all at the same time. At least it's never boring.

Funny tumblr posts | ghost--bambi: luckyladybutterfly: velvetonions: there needs be cooking show which tv chefs go into student flats or houses and have cook full 3 course meal only using ingredients and equipment they can find kitchen AM SUPPOSED COOK ANYTHING WITH DORITOS AND INSTANT NOODLES THEY DON'T EVEN HAVE SAUCEPAN They do have saucepan, but someone's eating cereal out unsociablewhore: helloquat: unsociablewhore: guys if cut off my right butt cheek would l be left behind DELETE BLOG
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