trashy moments


Trashy Moments That Belong In A Landfill

It's said that times like these bring out the best in people. And that might be true for a percentage of the population. But we're willing to bet that the sad souls below won't be contributing anything but cringe to society during this difficult time. Some of them (ahem, daft mask protesters) could even kill  their fellow humans. We'll never not be disturbed by this kind of trashiness, but these insane people remind us to live compassionately and with intelligence.

Funny and cringey moments from trashy people | Idk why my last post deleted. This page says no rules. Once again selling positive pregnancy tests 50 each. Need money my kids. Make man yours forever! | Today is 1st time l've been forced wear mask. At my local grocery store just now. At least can breathe my mask got this clever idea someone this group, great idea PLACEBO face mask made of net mesh
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