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Grimes' Bizarre 'Training Regimen' Has People Both Confused And Concerned

We all know Grimes as the weird Canadian singer who's dating the always-cringey Elon Musk - but this time, she may have out-cringed ol' Musky.

Grimes recently partnered with Adidas in a campaign where she described her "training regimen" in an Instagram post, stating that she has a "360 approach." Apparently this "360 approach" includes screaming sessions and an "experimental surgery" that supposedly eliminates her seasonal depression. Why Adidas picked Grimes of all people to launch a fitness-related campaign, we'll never understand.

No one's really certain whether Grimes is being serious or not with this completely over-the-top stunt, but honestly given how weird she is as a person, we kind of think she is...

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