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Future Is All Of Our Texty Toxic Exes In This Hilarious Twitter Meme

Pretty much everyone has that toxic ex who just won't go away. Maybe they text you at weird hours. Maybe they like your photos from a year ago on days that meant something when you were together. Maybe you had to block them. These toxic exes always seem to pop up during the holidays, and these memes of the rapper Future perfectly exemplify these scummy and opportunistic individuals. The meme, which was birthed on Twitter, features several different photos of the rapper appearing to be sending a text message. The text is almost always a softboi-esque attempt at forcing someone to think of them under the guise of a wholesome message. The transparent "Thinking of you" texts are so relatable that this meme was pretty much guaranteed to take off. And take off it has. While they started around Thanksgiving, a wealth of the jokes have continued to pop up through Christmas, and we expect to see more into the new year. 

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