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Twitter's Freaking Out Over Violent Family Fight At Disneyland

Disneyland went straight Worldstarhiphop on Saturday when a wild brawl broke out between feuding family members. The fight, which occurred at the bustling Toon Town area of the park, lasted a whopping five minutes and involved an impressive cast of characters. Passerbys were shocked to see men and women being struck down until Disney security, who took eons to respond, arrived to cool the situation down. 

Twitter user @KassieMe made a viral flow chart of the parties involved, and updated the internet with the action (very little) that had been taken in the wake of the brawl. Many people are admonishing the police and the Disneyland park for their apparent inability to take action in this matter, especially considering there were innocent children involved. You can view the insane video, and the best reactions, below. 

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