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Fifty Amusing Tweets For People With Low Attention Spans

If you find that over time your attention span has gotten lower and you crave instant gratification, you're not alone. The internet and social media have definitely changed the ways in which we process information, seek pleasure, and tolerate waiting for "the good things" in life. We don't have any remedies for these societal side effects, so we're just gonna lean in and give you what you want: short and sweet tweets that will provide your brains with a little dopamine. 

funny tweets, twitter memes, relatable tweets, social media, 2019, tony hawk | randy @randypaint here's get rid military: 1. elect tony hawk as president 2 he settles all foreign issues with games s-k--t-e b) no other world leaders can even ollie Imao they'd get fucking owned 3. profit | hype @TheHyyy magician's tricks then pull rabbits out hats cut people half guess card magician's tricks now buy house pay off student loans have mental health
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