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Woman Trolls Tinder Suitor By Playing This Genius Prank

Ever swipe right and end up regretting it? Got caught up in the swipe motion and accidentally sent a match the green light? Twitter user @hannahhhxoxo certainly has. When the 22-year-old received a phone number from one such suitor, she decided to play a prank on him rather than text or simply unmatch. The prank? Convincing the guy that they shared a phone number.

Poor Patrick was none the wiser. He fell for her trolling - and it's no wonder. Her feigned shock and almost had us believing that the phone-crossed lovers were being kept apart by some strange higher phone power. After posting the exchange on Twitter, many commenters expressed skepticism that Patrick had been fooled. They theorized that he was playing along. And then Hannah shut them down. She decided to text him and he was shocked that she had been able to do so after their exchange. Once she revealed her deceit, he even admits that she got him good. We hope this becomes a trend because we definitely derive endless joy from the antics of stupid people.

Funny story about a woman trolling tinder suitor by convincing him they have the same number.
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