the cooking the face


'The Cooking, The Face' Memes Roast Amateur, Overconfident Chefs

Practically any time people start posting near-thirst trap photos of themselves on the internet in droves, they have to expect that the rest of us are going to roast the absolute crap out of them. This particular Twitter meme makes fun of people doing just that, next to an image of the food they cooked and the caption, "The Cooking, The Face." 

Now bring on the roasting, no pun intended.

Funny Twitter memes entitled "The Cooking, The Face" where people put up a picture of something they've cooked next to a picture of their face | chuuslip cooking face (saw this on tl and thought cute dhdkdhdkdk) photo of a shirtless guy and photo of a pan with some dish being cooked
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