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26 Funny Pics That'll Muster A Chuckle

Feeling down? Need a laugh? We've got you covered. 

Or at least this list of funny pics and memes does.

Want more funny pictures in case these don't "have you covered"?

It is not an obvious detail to find what makes you funny. There is the list of the funniest funny pictures according to a Google algorithm or the list of funny screen grab pics from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia which take a more calculated approach. 

But what makes a picture funny? And how do you quantify such an element. The lolcats funny pictures are a safe bet, but rely heavily on the use of cute cats and furry facial expressions to grab the uses's attention.

Maybe science will never know exactly what makes a picture funny, or it is an evolving thing that doesn't have an absolute definition for our purpose. Or maybe we all know what make a funny picture but simply can't put it into words.

Funny memes and funny pics made into fun tweets.
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