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Austin PD Roasted For Forging Thank You Notes

You'd think that the police would be extra careful right now as protesters around the country call for their departments to be defunded. But Texas' Austin PD has proved that assumption wrong. The department tweeted some photos of thank you cards and letters from local supporters to show love for the appreciative correspondence. They wanted to show their followers that they still have the support of the city. But people on Twitter were quick to notice that most of the cards were written in the same handwriting - and had zero postage. 

Twitter users were quick to roast the fabricated cards, which feel especially insensitive when considering the violent shootings of protesters last week. When Gizmodo reached out to the police department, their explanation was this: 

"Many of you have inquired about the cards that were posted on our social media pages," Austin PD wrote to Gizmodo. "The cards were from several community members to include kindergartners and Austin families, who wanted to show support for APD officers. Two people, who organized delivering the cards in person, addressed the envelopes with a "Thank you," so our officers would open the notes to receive encouragement during these difficult times. That is why the front of the envelopes appear to have the same handwriting." All the letters were, APD stated, delivered at the same time this past Thursday."

Gizmodo noted that this explanation is, well, pretty sus. Schools are not open in Texas, and the same goes for most of the country. When pressed for more details about the alleged senders, the police department declined to identify, and backpedaled saying that "some of the writers were kindergarten-aged." We may never know the truth behind this situation. But you can come up with your own theories based on the tweets below. 

Funny tweets about how Austin PD forged thank you letters and thank you cards in an attempt to show they have support in the city of Austin Texas | Lukiss @LucasChitty absolutely dying at fact APD forged dozens thank letters and didn't even bother change up handwriting on ANY THEM. OAustin Police Department O @Austi. 1d can't express enough grateful are serve Austin. Our officers have been working around clock during these unprecedented times and thank everyone who took time write and make our
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