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Prankster Trolls Text Scammer With Nickelback Lyrics

From mysterious benefactors to Nigerian princes, scammers are nothing new. Most people have learned to ignore dubious emails or Facebook messages. But we have a little extra respect an admiration for the people who respond to these scumbags in clever and amusing ways. After this person received a suspicious text message from their boss, they brilliantly responded with Nickelback lyrics. Which to us feels like a very sinister and appropriate act of revenge.

Funny guy trolls scammer with Nickelback lyrics | why am texting help. Oh my bad this time mistaken will reimburse back money. Thanks! Yes thanks always love remind Ok l'll use Apple Pay Okay thanks waiting on here. Wow yes must have been so bad Anyway which building are Am conference meeting Yes but which room and can bring them Checking out soon Scratch-off back code and Text Message Pay
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