terrible tuesday


26 Funny Memes & Pics To Help Ease Your Pain

We've got an antidote here for your Terrible Tuesday. It's...memes.

Scientists have discovered that a meme a day, not an apple, can actually keep the doctor away!
Researchers in the memeology department and the London School of Economics have
discovered a breakthrough way to fight the opioid epidemic sweeping America – Dank Memes!
That's right Dank memes (Example) can cure practically any disease. Forget that chemo, forget that Lithium, find yourself a stash of memes and let loose!

The researchers examined memes and assessed their "dankness" and found that the danker
the meme, the better the narcotic effect. Together with student volunteers studying memes at
Northwestern. So basically, if you want, here are some really funny memes, for your health, and your happiness.

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