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'Credit Card Declines' Memes Imagine Salty Instances Of Revenge

We're proud to say that it's not often our card gets declined. Usually it's because our bank has mistakenly flagged a purchase as suspicious due to travel or (gulp) overspending. The few times there's been an issue, baristas kindle wave away apologies and we walk away with a free coffee. But what if they weren't so kind? What if the people who provide us with paid services actually decided to get...revenge

The "Imagine Your Card Declines" Twitter meme explored this theme back in early September, but Redditors have been expanding on it by adding amusing images. Most of the "Credit Card Declines" memes imagine folks such as tattoo artists or therapists "undoing" their work as a consequence of nonpayment. They're obviously ridiculous, but seem to be pretty damn appealing to the internet. We've put together some of our favorite examples of the format, but you can read more about its origins over at Know Your Meme. 

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