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PETA Tried To Use Wooloo To Market Their Propaganda And Poke-Nerds Were NOT Having It

What doesn't PETA like to ruin? Last time they came for the world's most beloved late crocodile hunter Steve Irwin on his birthday, and this time it's the cute little sheep-like Pokemon Wooloo, who will make his debut in Pokemon Sword and Shield. 

The animal rights organization used Wooloo in a Twitter meme implying to their audience that they should not purchase wool clothing products. While this might seem like a harmless little message, people have been pointing out PETA's constant thirst for capitalizing off of pop culture icons in order to sell their controversial messages. Accordingly, memers have been making response memes as a big f*ck you to them.

So without further ado, scroll down for both ample amounts of PETA-hating and general Wooloo memes!

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