swarthy gender-fluid child


Mom's Tweet About 'Swarthy, Gender-Fluid Child' Gets Meme'd, Roasted On Twitter

Twitter user @JuniperFitz unwittingly gave birth to the new '30-50 Feral Hogs' meme on Saturday after tweeting about some extremely specific playground drama. The cringey tweets, which have since been deleted, refer to her kid (who is being 'antagonized' by a feminine classmate) as a "swarthy, gender-fluid child" before launching into a tirade about putting an end to the femme kid hugging her spawn. The very specific tweet quickly fell into the hands of Twitter meme-makers, and has seen quite a moment despite deletion. We're not here to cyber-bully anyone, not even for the wild descriptors they use for their kids, but these tweets are funny as hell. 

Cringey tweets from mom about swarthy, gender-fluid child, funny tweets about the mom's tweets.
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