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Waluigi Got Shafted By Super Smash Bros And Memers Are PISSED

Can't Nintendo throw Waluigi and his fans a bone? The trailer for Super Smash Bros Ultimate, despite its blaring claim that "Everyone is Here" is missing one important absence - that of the purple-clad villain-version of Luigi. This absence caused an uproar on Twitter, a tsunami of memes on Reddit, and even a dramatic piece from The Washington Post.

Waluigi is one of the most meme-able characters in the Nintendo universe (check out this entry from Know Your Meme) so it's no surprise that the community has chosen to rebel by flooding Reddit's r/dankmemes community with memes of the weirdly lovable character. We've rounded up some of their best work, as well as Twitter's most mournful reactions so that you, too, can understand this unforgivable injustice.

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