Sunny D


Sunny D Is Getting Meme'd After Tweeting Some Seriously Bleak Sh*t

The internet has been pretty freaking weird the past few days. Tom Brady making out with his son, Liam Neeson's racism confessions, and then yesterday Sunny D went viral for tweeting about depression. The orange-flavored beverage brand tweeted "I can't do this anymore" and the entire internet seemed to step up to provide support, with brands (like Moon Pie) and concerned citizens sending wholesome messages. The exchange is very entertaining. 

While we're having fun with it, this marketing tactic is not without its critics. Food website Eater was quick to denounce not only Sunny D's tweet, but trying to gain brand clout by posting vague and bleak messages. Many people agreed that the practice was decidedly uncute. While we are into brands embracing "weird Twitter," depression is not a joke, and maybe they should put a little more thought in their tweets. 

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