Coronavirus Meets Classic Stereotypes In Funny Post

As Coronavirus spreads from Asia to Europe and the United States, it seems the whole world is paralyzed with fear. Flights are being cancelled, the stock market has absolutely plummeted. As anxiety rises, some people are using humor to cope with COVID-19. And this post is a great example of that. An anonymous jokester used classic stereotypes to riff on Coronvirus response, and we have to say it's making our day.

Funny meme about united kingdom humor | UK Virus ALERT English are feeling pinch relation recent virus threat and have therefore raised their threat level Miffed Peeved Soon, though level may be raised yet again Irritated" or even Bit Cross English have not been Bit Cross" since blitz 1940 tea supplies nearly ran out virus has been re-categorized Tiresome Bloody Nuisance last time British issued Bloody Nuisance" warning level 1588 threatened by Spanish Armada Scots have raised their threat level
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