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Blasphemous Bagel Slicing Has Twitter Royally Shook

Few things get the internet heated up like controversial food preparation. It feels like we've been talking about pineapple on pizza since ARPANET's creation. Today's crime against food occurred in St. Louis, Missouri. Alek Krautmann rocked Twitter with a joyful announcement that he brought "bread-sliced" bagels in to work, and wowed his colleagues St. Louis style. The outcry has been...intense. From St. Louisians admonishing their brother, to horrified New Yorkers, people have a lot of feelings about this method. Even and Panera weighed in. We're going to come out and say we are 100% against this method. How bout you?  

Controversial bagel treatment, food, St. Louis, twitter, bread sliced bagels.
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